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Dear Friends,
I am so proud of Representative Dennis Kucinich for his courage in bringing forth articles of impeachment against President Bush yesterday. 

Please share this news with everyone you know! There is a media blackout and none of the major networks are covering this extremely important news. Contact your Congressperson and urge him/her to fulfill their oath of office to defend the Constitution by impeaching this President. Kucinich's resolution included 35 impeachable offenses committed by President Bush and his agents. Its fate may well be decided first thing in the morning on Tuesday (today), so please contact your Representative as soon as possible.
Call your Representative: 202-224-3121
Contact every news agency you can think of and ask them to cover this story.
Thank you, dear friends. Together, we DO have the power to change the course of events in this country and in the world.
Best regards,
Kayla Saville

a dream that shouldn't be real

Last night, I dreamed that the U.S. attacked Iran. I found myself on my knees on a bare cement floor with the folds of a black abaya draped around me. A painful sorrow filled me and I wailed and cried. Tears stung my eyes and slipped down my cheeks and I rocked forward and back, appealing to heaven for an answer to fill the void inside me. All I could do was lament, to mourn. Before me, spread upon the floor, lay four or five sleeveless garments, stained a dark red-brown. I touched them with my hands, and their touch wrenched more tears from my eyes. My heart ached; my throat grew tight, and I knew these clothes belonged to someone dear to me, now dead—all dead. In my dream, I did not know for whom I mourned; a son, a husband or a brother; but, I felt consumed by grief and anger. My whole being seemed to be screaming, “Why?!”
A message from the campaign I'm working on:

Dear Mr. Dean:

As the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee-
something needs your immediate attention.

As you know- the Des Moines register recently excluded
Dennis Kucinich from a debate that they co sponsored
with Iowa Public Television. I am urging you to issue
a statement condemning this action. As chair of the
democratic party, please take immediate and decisive
action that illustrates clearly that your party stands
for democracy. Your inaction and silence on this issue
is, for lack of a better word, pathetic.

Actually I have a better word, I was just being lazy:
deplorable, submissive, flim flam.

For all of you out there listening whose name is not
Howard Dean- please call him @ 202-863-8000 or email
him @http://www.democrats.org/contact to voice your

Not disgusted? Bear with me for a moment.

The Des Moines Register published benchmarks that they
had for a candidate to participate in the debate.
According to the Register, Kucinich fell short on not
having a campaign "storefront". This is not under
dispute: Marcos Rubenstein manages the Iowa campaign
out of his home office. In this day and age, with the
internet and cell phones- this amounts to a "Real
Estate tax" on running for president. All of the other
candidates have storefronts, paid for with money
contributed by major corporations.

Dennis Kucinich accepts NO corporate campaign

The Federal Elections Commission recognizes that the
Kucinich campaign has paid staff in Iowa. The IRS
recognizes the legitimacy of a home office. Across the
country, the Kucinich campaign has at least 15
high-ranking paid campaign staff members who work out
of their homes. Their offices are campaign offices.

Not disgusted yet? I know- many of of you are not.
Please bear w/ me:

Will the Des Moines Register run this story: Companies
like the AARP donate to Hillary Clinton. THEY ALSO
TELEVISION. Do they want the message to get out about

FALL. I wonder why?

DK said at the time: "It's clear that they didn't want
me upsetting their multi-billion dollar apple-cart,"
Kucinich said. "The health care plans of the invited
candidates preserve and promote the interests of
for-profit insurance and pharmaceutical companies at
the expense of tens of millions of everyday Americans
who either can't afford coverage or are being
over-charged for the inadequate coverage they struggle
to afford."
The day after the debate, The Des Moines register
then endorses Hillary Clinton.

Now that is balls! We know they are going to pull
this- but to pull this stunt- AND exclude Dennis
Kucinich, how can we allow forces so openly censor a
presidential candidate?

Truth be told, my "outrage" is fueled by the Des
Moines Register having two different sets of criteria
for the Republicans and Democrats.

As you know, Alan Keys was invited to participate.
He has no office in Iowa.
His NATIONAL office, as listed on his own website, is

I visited the Des Moines Register personally to try
and find out why. You can imagine my reception was
about as warm

Additionally, the Iowa Democratic party's spokesperson
told me in person and on camera- "we had nothing to do
with it."

Look: I believe her.

That I BELIEVE IT TO BE TRUE (I'm NOT suggesting a
pro active conspiracy here) is non the less a bit hard
to swallow. Shouldn't the Democratic party have
"something to do with it?" I know this was not a
sanctioned debate, but

With the obscene way we elect presidents in this
country- (Iowa is a local vote with a national
significance) the sloppy and irresponsible decisions
of the Des Moines register bring justifiable shame to
that publication. The lack of even a condemning
statement from the IOWA Democratic party is evidence
that they do not wish for a fair an open debate.

Combined, the exclusion of Dennis Kucinich from the
December 13th debate is yet another symptom of how
democracy is undermined by corporate interest and
party politics (or in the case of the Iowa democratic
party)- a regrettable lack of engagement in the
political process.

Howard Dean, because there will be other debates, in
other states, not "officially" sanctioned by the
democratic party- but by media partners in bed with
corporate interests- you must, immediately and
definitively issue a statement SHAMING the Des
Moines Register. In doing so, you can take one small
step toward protecting the already broken electoral
process as we move forward.

Your silence on this will indicate clearly to voters
that the Democratic party supports the silencing of
candidates like Dennis Kucinich.

If the democratic party wishes to silence a candidate
who wants to end the war;
Who wants to make non violence our organizing
Who wants to repeal the patriot act;
Who wants healthcare for all- not by compelling people
to buy into plans (as other candidates would have us
do) that will fatten the pockets of medical insurance
companies, but by simply join the rest of the
developed world and providing it healthcare for their

If the democratic party wishes- or in it's inaction-
silences such a candidate- what need do we have for

Come on Howard, step up to the plate.

Do the right thing.

Respectfully submitted,
Davis Fleetwood
December 18, 2007

Make Your Own Kucinich Snowman!

my first video blog

Please Help - Power to the People!

 I am writing you to ask for your vote for Dennis Kucinich in the Democracy For America presidential pulse poll. Winning this DFA poll will shock the pundits, create tremendous attention and will greatly increase volunteer support for Dennis's campaign.

People need to know that there IS a candidate who:

--organized 125 Democratic Congressmen to vote against the 2002 resolution to authorize force in Iraq,

--voted against the Patriot Act,

--supports withdrawing from NAFTA and the WTO,

--has called for impeachment of the Vice President AND the President,

--and who stands for a NOT FOR PROFIT health care system, Medicare for All.

Please take the time now to cast your vote.
Here are three easy steps required to vote in this poll.

1) Please go to the following link:

2) Dennis's picture will be added to box #1 automatically for you. Follow the Instructions and vote for 2 additional candidates by dragging and dropping the other candidates pictures into box #2 and #3.

3) Once you have filled in all three of your choices, a registration box will appear below the 3 boxes. You will need to enter your e-mail address, zip code, first and last name and then click on the submit button in order for your vote to be counted. That's it!

After you vote, please send this message to your friends and contacts.

A few days ago, the Kucinich campaign moved into fourth place in New Hampshire with 7% according to Rasmussen Polling. This past month, two national polls, USA Today/Gallup and Zogby, have shown the campaign polling in fourth place.

The momentum is in our favor. Together, we can win the Democracy for America poll.

Please take a moment to help out the candidate who represents our best chance for change in 2008.


 Please watch this video (I'm in it!). See what you think.

Love you, friends. Please write when you can. I'm so glad I could see some of you in Boston over the weekend.

Look! I'm on CNN...

 Dear Friends,

Please see this article and video from CNN's political ticker. It's footage of Dennis Kucinich filing papers for the New Hampshire presidential primary, and you can see me in the video. :) He filed at noon today at the State House in Concord, NH.

Here is the link: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2007/10/26/kucinich-files-for-new-hampshire-ballot-criticizes-frontrunners/

Please write and say hello. Of course, I hope you all will vote for Dennis! He is a true statesman and has amazing courage. I'm very grateful to be here working for him.


Kayla Saville